Welcome - Croeso

Tan-y-Manod (Under the Fine Driven Snow) is situated in beautiful countryside with panoramic views.

CROESO! When you’re here in Wales you will hear Welsh spoken as an everyday working language. Try out a phrase or two, perhaps with some help from a local!! (a rough guide to pronunciation is offered in the brackets)

Welcome! Croeso!(‘Kroy-so’) Good Day Bore da (‘Borra-daa’) How are you? Sut dach chi? (‘Sit dach chee’: ch is pronounced as in the Scottish ‘loch’) Very well thanks da iawn diolch (‘Die yown dee-olch’) Mountain Mynydd (‘Mun-idd) I love you! Rwy’n dy garu di!! (‘Roo-een dee garry dee’).

Tan-Y-Manod - external image of the cottage.